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Yellow Karate Belt

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One thing that many, if not most, kids participate in is the ancient art of karate. In North America, karate is a popular recreational activity for kids, teens, and adults.

Karate is a martial art that has origins that go back to ancient China. When it comes to training and competing in the art, there are six levels that one can graduate from. Each level is represented by a color. 

This post examines the yellow karate belt, or as it is traditionally referred to as the “shinkyokushin.” 

What Does the Yellow Belt Represent 

Students who have received their yellow belt have demonstrated that they have a solid understanding of karate. They have also shown a great understanding of the relationship between the mind and body. 

When a student receives a yellow belt, they have mastered the coordination between the many movements and postures of the martial art. To excel and receive a yellow belt, students must also be able to master the following strikes: 

  • Uraken shumen
  • Uraken hizo
  • Uraken oroshi 
  • Uraken mawashi

These are just a few of the critical strikes taught and expected of the students looking to move up from their blue belt to yellow.

Yellow Best vs. Yellow Best with Dash 

When training to achieve a yellow belt, students who can perform a roundhouse kick, one-hand pushup, and a moro ashi dachi are going to receive a yellow belt with a dash. The dash represents their superiority over a regular yellow belt. 

To achieve a yellow belt with a dash, it is going to take 36 months. 

The Symbolism Behind the Yellow Belt 

After a student has achieved their yellow belt, they are ending their beginner level status and are one step closer to becoming considered advanced. 

What does being advanced in karate mean? It means that you can compete or work towards becoming a karate instructor. 

The yellow belt is meant to represent gold, which is often associated with truth and integrity. Athletes who receive their yellow belt possess the trait of humility. 

How Long to Achieve a Yellow Belt?

It takes approximately 30 months of training and practice to attain a yellow belt. Those looking to master the yellow belt with a dash, this is going to requires an additional six months for a total of 36 months.

Unlike some activities where you can skip levels or excel faster, the truth is that this is not an option given the discipline required in karate. Why? Karate is based on repetition. Within the constant repetition of the movement, there is precision and perfection of the postures and movements.

Master Karate and Master Discipline 

Once you have achieved the yellow belt, it is going to take another two and a half years before you complete the final and ultimate black belt. The benefits of mastering karate and achieving the yellow belt status are something that should be celebrated. Not many have the discipline to make it that far, which separates those who are dedicated to achieving a yellow or black belt to those who think they know what karate is.